Data. The date of the wedding should be arranged well in advance. Marriage was once avoided during Advent, great post, and also in May, Marian month. Weddings were usually held in the late morning hours. (But, for example, during the ancien regime in France, they were held in the evening, and in aristocratic circles – around midnight.)

Today only Fridays and Saturday mornings are excluded. Most weddings are held on Saturday afternoons, between 15 a 17. The date should be agreed with the parish priest. It's basically the bride's parish, however, you can choose a different church, notifying the bride's parish. (Let's add, that in Poland, meetings provided for by the Church must be held before a wedding (exempt from this obligation in part or in full the matriculation certificate in teaching religion or participation in academic courses).

Religious preparation. Preparations for a church wedding start a few weeks before the scheduled date. They include, among others, meetings with the priest and other engaged couples. The liturgy allows the young couple to choose the Gospel, apostolic letters, and also prayers, which will be read during the mass. They may also choose to have a short mass, involving only the blessing of their union, reading and prayer. Future spouses also choose music and singing, addressing either the church choir, or to friends.

In some parishes, families decorate the church with flowers. The room should also be decorated with flowers, in which the wedding will take place. In the past, the purchase of flowers for the church was undertaken by the groom's family, the bride's family decorated the living room. Today, expenses are generally covered jointly.


Both families cover them. Fees are paid in the church, the amount of which is determined depending on the parish. In addition, the family generally gives the priest who is celebrating the wedding a certain amount for a charity.

The costs of admission are covered by the families of the bride and groom (they divide them according to the number of guests of each family).