The coffin is placed in the presence of the family and possibly some closest friends.


If the family of the deceased was not clearly marked in the press obituaries, that he did not wish to lay flowers and wreaths, friends can send bouquets home (or put them next to the coffin in the church, funeral home, on the grave…), and also decide to lay a wreath from several people. In the event of the death of a child or adolescent, flowers should be light or white. (In France, to wreaths, visiting tickets are attached. In Poland, you can order a wreath or a bunch with ribbons, on which, for example, the name of the donor will be given).


Funeral directors carry the coffin to the hearse, where the immediate family occupies. Relatives and friends gather at the grave, where a loved one can deliver a short speech, remembering and saying goodbye to the deceased before closing the tomb. Funeral attendees bow, by putting flowers on a coffin or tombstone. The ceremony takes place in silence.