Best Christmas wishes

Best Christmas wishes.

Best Christmas wishes - we celebrate Christmas Eve in Poland 24 of December, on this occasion, we express our best Christmas wishes, such as e.g.. those collected here.

Eve. Beautiful families, when our loved ones surround us in a circle, when
the brittle wafer breaks, among good wishes for the whole year, "happy
wishes holidays ...

It's almost Christmas time
steps closer
and we also want white fluff
feel under your feet.

There are still so many things to do here
you have to do after all,
because when the Christmas Eve comes
and the asterisk will shine.

This fairy-tale holiday time
so the children rejoice,
because it's a star under the Christmas tree
wrapping gifts.

A little thing for everyone
heartfelt dedicate,
endearment,heart smile
because it means so much.

And I am friends
though not Christmas yet,
I offer these wishes with my heart
let the carol flow.

Let your eyes laugh
and my heart rejoices,
and my beloved
never missing.

It is quiet.
The Christmas tree is on fire,
in the manger Baby.
Let your heart too
will burn with love,
and the soul will be filled with joy.

The whole neighborhood is covered with snow,
roadside trees and every street.
Christmas tree lights blink cheerfully,
they are announcing great joy to the people today.
Merry Christmas!!!

God's silent beauty
The Nativity warms the house
and brightens the heart. Let it
the holidays will be filled with this
beauty, and the New Year
will bring a lot

I wish you a lot of peace,
faith in the future and good
selfless and eternal
love, because only because
worth Live.

Merry Christmas, much
smile, love, joy,
happiness and sensitivity.

Best wishes: Lovely
Christmas, family
warmth and great joy, under the living
a Christmas tree and a lot of presents, a w
Many of your beautiful souls
sentiments. Christmas giving joy and
rest, and hope for a new one
Year, make it even better than
ten, what just passes wishes ...