Birthday greetings for a girl

Birthday greetings for a girl.

Birthday greetings for girls or wishes prepared for little girls, see our wish suggestions.

Birthdays, birthday party, everybody makes sweet faces, live happily for us, think of us for a mile sometimes.

On your… birthday
On your feast day
Let your face be smiling
All the time like sunshine in the sky
Because heart, We love you!

Dreams of an orchard fragrant,
thoughts as light as butterflies,
and a smile in the depths of my soul
in spite of a twisted world ...

Life as sweet as a cake,
In all the colors of the rainbow.
Let your nights and days
They have charm and charm,
Like a hearty smile.

As sweet as honey, as cuddly as down-
These are the wishes for you on tonight's night of dreams.
More colorful than the stars in the sky
And also kisses for you!

For your birthday, a lot of health and a happy face
and lots of presents from friends and family.

Dwarf and Moomin
They have happy faces today,
Because it's your birthday!