Birthday greetings for a loved one

Birthday greetings for a loved one.

Birthday greetings to your sweetheart - your significant other has a birthday? Be sure to offer her wishes, for this purpose, use our extensive database of birthday wishes.

When I met you,
In fact, I'm crazy!
I got a spice,
Such a handsome man!
I wish you one hundred years
And I scream loudly:
For your health, kitty,
One glass at a time!

On your birthday, darling, I wish you,
So that you have your own opinion on every topic.
Only not then, when you argue with me,
Because I have secret knowledge
And I'm almost always right,
Remember this information well!
I wish you with all my heart,
Parties until you drop tonight!

You are my warm fireplace in winter and cool breeze in summer. Being in your arms I feel, as if I were in the most wonderful place in the world. Hug me on this special day and take me to this wonderful place. I love you. Happy Birthday.

I am very lucky, that I have met such a wonderful person in my life as you. Come to me darling, my kiss are waiting for you. I wish you many days together.

I cannot describe in words, how special I feel. Your birthday means a lot to me. I wish you all the best dear.

Since today is your birthday,
You will get a gift from your girlfriend.
What will it be, you'll find out soon
And now I will give you my best wishes.
My love, be happy and healthy,
Make every day of your life colorful.
I will try to do it with all my strength,
So that bad thoughts never come to you.

You're that type of guy, I have always dreamed of. All the best to you, my love.