Birthday greetings for dad

Birthday greetings for dad.

Birthday greetings for dad - when our beloved dad celebrates his birthday, let us hurry to send him the best birthday wishes.

Endless love, a new tie,
a lot of happiness and joy,
we are comforts, not anger.

All the best, happy life,
dreams come true and many impressions,
fast car, nice house,
everything, all the best.

Dear daddy! Everyone knows,
That you are a football fan like nobody else!
You waited patiently for the finale, by
to know who will be the world champion,
experience emotions! But my world champion
it will always be you!

Dearest Dad!
I wish you all the best.
Lots of fun, happiness
and good humor, every day.

On our father's birthday,
We wish him the happiest life,
Lots of health and dreams to come true,
Lots of love, sorrow or shadow.
We wanted to thank you for everything,
But we are too old to paint cards.
So we offer the most sincere wishes,
Because we love you daddy!

When the sky outside is sad,
When somebody argues with me at school,
When the bike breaks down,
When I get two from math.
You will cheer Daddy, you will fix,
you will always make me laugh.
So I wish you a happy face,
dream gifts from the whole family.

Happy birthday dear,
So that you are not constantly busy,
You will spend your free time with us,
Make your life happy!
We wish you health and dreams come true,
A life without sorrows, without any worries.
For that, that you are always with us today, we want to thank you,
Tell, how much we love you and give you gifts.

I spent all the most beautiful moments with you, dear daddy. These memories will be the sweetest for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday! I want you to live for a thousand years!