Birthday greetings for my sister

Birthday greetings for my sister.

Birthday greetings for sister - when our sister is celebrating her birthday, do not forget to wish her heartfelt wishes for her birthday.

I want to thank you today
for all things, you taught me,
for that, that you are my best friend,
and a great sister.
One hundred years, Dear sister!

I put quarrels aside today,
I offer birthday wishes,
That you would lend me money,
She cleaned my room properly,
And so seriously, I wish you joy,
And with me a little more patience,
A wardrobe full of great clothes,
As few mean friends as possible!

My sister is the coolest,
The wisest, the most beautiful!
He celebrates his birthday today,
Let her be successful in life!
Let him be in good health,
She paints a smile on her face.
Avoid bad luck,
And beauty does not fade away!

I wish you sister:
For you to find your other half,
That you would have great ideas with all your head.
For you to have a wardrobe of amazing creations,
I wish you an unforgettable holiday.
And on today's birthday party,
Blast like never before!

We spent a wonderful childhood together,
We were hiding from mom, We chased around the yard,
More than once our knees were badly torn,
And in a moment we laughed out loud together.
And despite that, that today we sometimes cannot get along,
We solve our problems quickly.
Dear little sister, never change
And appreciate every moment of your life.

It's wonderful to have a sister like you.
Today I would like to direct a lot of love towards you
and warm wishes.
May this special day be filled to the brim with joy.
So that all your dreams come true,
and loving people never left you!
All the best!

Life without you, would have no taste.
My sister, you are simply the best!
I love you so much!
Happy Birthday!

A loved one, who has always stood by my side - Happy birthday! You are a wonderful gift, I have received from this world.