The most beautiful poems for a birthday

The most beautiful poems for a birthday.

The most beautiful poems for birthdays - on this very important day it is worth taking care of the most beautiful birthday wishes, so we have chosen one especially for you.

I waited a long time for that hour,
Until your birthday is finally here.…

A row of birthday greetings

A row of birthday greetings.

Happy birthday poem - we present wishes in the form of poems, next to the gift, they are an indispensable element of the birthday.

Day… your feast day,
So accept my wishes.
What you dream about would come true,
What you want to be yours.
A do …

Children's birthday greetings

Children's birthday greetings.

Children's birthday greetings - children's birthday is celebrated very lavishly, such an important holiday of wishes cannot be missed.

Birthdays, birthday party, everybody makes sweet faces, live happily for us, think of us for a mile sometimes.

In day …

Birthday greetings and poems

Birthday greetings and poems.

Birthday greetings and poems - it's best to put together birthday poems for your birthday. Find out what will be the best.

Happy birthday day,
The fragrance of spring is full of flowers.
Today I want to wish you my best wishes,
Happiness, health, Good luck.
Let the sun shine brightly on you,
I …

Funny poems for birthday

Funny poems for birthday.

Funny poems for birthday - to make the birthday special and with a smile on your face send funny birthday poems to the birthday boy.

Today is your holy time,
Great traffic from the morning,
Stand in front of the mirror, pull your stomach in!
if not …

Rhyme birthday greetings

Rhyme birthday greetings.

Birthday rhyme - send greetings to the birthday person in the form of a birthday poem. See how easy it is.

When the rose a beautiful flower blooms
Your birthday greets you
Wietrzyk brings you wishes
Greetings sweetheart
And, most importantly after all
Live a hundred …