Children's birthday greetings

Children's birthday greetings.

Children's birthday greetings - children's birthday is celebrated very lavishly, such an important holiday of wishes cannot be missed.

Birthdays, birthday party, everybody makes sweet faces, live happily for us, think of us for a mile sometimes.

On such a beautiful and glorious day
I wish you with all my heart
Happiness bless you
And in science and in love
Be joyful, cheerful,
beautiful shapely and cute
Well, goodbye
Let your dreams come true

Huge elephants in the first car.
Further giraffes ... foxes ... bears ...
At the very end, a delicious cake goes ...
Hares are calling with a smiling face:
"Today is your holiday ..."
Greetings are going to you ... they are going ...

Life as sweet as a cake,
In all the colors of the rainbow.
Let your nights and days
They have charm and charm,
Like a hearty smile.

For your birthday, a lot of health and a happy face
and lots of presents from friends and family.

Fulfillment of dreams hidden under a down pillow. The multiplication of coins hidden in a porcelain pig. A huge basket of flowers with the beating red heart of Comet Halley in the background with a light braid. Angelic friends I wish you all this!

On your birthday, on your feast day, let your face be smiling, all the time like sunshine in the sky, because the heart, We love you!