Christmas holiday greetings

Christmas holiday greetings

Christmas wishes - Christmas is a wonderful time in which we not only relax, but we also spend time with our family, on holidays, we also use the rich tradition of sending Christmas greetings, such as e.g.. to.

Peace will live, when the Lord comes
In Advent reflection,
Concentrating at the confessional,
In the silence of waiting for the Christmas star,
To a hot and open heart,
May the Lord come and strengthen us with his peace,
So that we can distribute it everywhere, where the anxiety.
Happy Christmas

Warmth in homes, festively,
Christmas tree swirls with lights,
piles of gifts pile up around,
the world is filled with wishes.
Merry Christmas.

Lovely days on Christmas,
let the heart play with happiness,
let love surround you and last as long as possible.
May this holiday bring you God's favors,
calm, all joy and abundance,
and let the New Year make dreams come true
hidden at the very bottom of the heart.

Merry Christmas, the imminent fulfillment of every dream, warm, I wish you faith and kindness by joining the words of love.

Soft snowflakes outside the window, warm slippers by a fragrant Christmas tree and a fireplace sparkling with sparks, as well as dream gifts and peace in the heart!

Good wishes on the occasion of Christmas and New Year, He sends many good days and all good luck ...

Let the gifts of joy and peace,
which brings the world new
the born child is filled
all the holidays and all the days of the new year.

On Christmas day, please
best wishes,
live happily and for many years,
do not let sorrows cloud your forehead,
let all worries perish,
moments of happiness are flowing.