Sometimes we want to officially inform our relatives about the engagement, friends and acquaintances. We notify the closest people by phone or shortly, but a heartfelt letter. The press announcement will go to friends (in Poland, the practice is rather not used). You can also choose a different formula:

Anna and Piotr Malinowski
and Ewa and Andrzej Michalscy are honored to announce
about the engagement of their children Laura and Patrick


We are happy to announce the engagement
Patryk Michalski, son of Eve and Andrzej
with Laura Malinowska, daughter of Anna and Piotr

If the bride and groom do not have parents or are no longer very young:

Laura Malinowska and Patryk Michalski
they happily announce their engagement.

Titles can be included in this type of announcement (noble, scientific), functions or military ranks of parents and fiancées.

In principle, the bride and groom do not announce the engagement themselves, relying on parents or closest relatives. The engagement is not announced, when the bride and groom are no longer young. Then you simply inform about the wedding.