Let's remember, to apologize always, when it is necessary. Sometimes, instead of simply saying "I'm sorry", it is better to say "forgive me" or add a few words of explanation. You have to apologize, for example, then, when we disturb someone, walking in front of it or passing it, nudging, and also arriving late. This habit should be developed in children from an early age.


We give flowers to a person, whom we want to thank, congratulate, to wish, convince of your feeling. We also give flowers as a greeting. This polite gesture is always a pleasure. It is appropriate in many situations. You just need to follow a few simple rules.

The woman is not giving the man flowers. He can give them to the spouse of the master of the house.

Only in exceptional circumstances can a woman offer flowers to a man (e.g, when it is an elderly man).

By going home for a visit, we have not been to before, we bring flowers, it should rather be a bouquet, not potted flowers. If, however, we had preferred, so that the flowers are not cut, we can choose the composition.

The number of flowers in the bouquet should be odd. We attach a business card to the sent bouquet.

It is also worth knowing the language of flowers – let's avoid chrysanthemums, which make you think of death. Daisy flowers are a symbol of goodbye, Red roses – hot feelings, so it's better not to give them to a married woman.

When buying flowers for a sick or obstetric woman, let's try to choose them like this, that the scent of the bouquet would not be strong. Let's also remember, that many hospitals, and above all, maternity clinics forbid bringing flowers. So it is better to send or hand over the bouquet, when sick (or a young mother) will come home.

If a friend gives us flowers, let's put them immediately in a vase and place them in a visible place. We should not leave the visit ticket next to the bouquet.