Free birthday greetings

Free birthday greetings.

Free birthday greetings - we have wishes for free! Why? Because, that we like to share them with others.

On the occasion of my birthday, I wish you
so that you never stop dreaming,
because dreams allow you to survive
all those hardest moments.
So that you can give joy.
Let your tears be just tears of joy,
not pain and sorrow.
To make the sky brighter above you
and that you are surrounded by kind people.
Let your life go the way you want it to.

May your heart never be lonely, that they would find a second pair and let them walk through life together on the intricate path, giving each other encouragement and faith!

I wish you wealth.
We surround ourselves with objects,
because it's easier for us to hide in their shadow.
It is easier to cover the view with them,
which we do not want to see.
However, they will not save you
us against the darkness of sorrow,
in which even their shapes will disappear.
I wish you,
so that you have something to lean on in the dark.

I wish you the courage of the rising sun, which despite the evil and injustice of this world, day after day he gets up and gives us the warmth of his rays.

I wish you all your dreams come true,
cheerfulness until the next Birthday -
next year I will extend my wishes,
many new friends,
or not so many, but proven
and that you are always smiling and happy.

I wish you mute.
Only in silence can you sail safely
across the ocean of memories.
Only in silence will you hear the silent cry
another person.
In silence, the subtle weight of words can be measured.
So I wish you peace in your heart,
and on the lips - many words.
Good words,
which you will not spare your friends.

I wish you, so that heaven is above you
it was always cloudless
yellow and radiant sun,
green and fragrant grass,
that there is always spring for you!