French birthday greetings

French birthday greetings.

Birthday Greetings French - French is a very beautiful language, learn birthday wishes in French.

in French:

On a beautiful and wonderful heart, I wish you all health, happiness, prosperity, a hundred years of life and joy. Maybe you have other requests, I also want to answer. all the best for baby.

in Polish :

On such a beautiful and wonderful day, I wish you good health with all my heart, happiness, good luck, one hundred years of life and joy. Perhaps you have other wishes as well, so I wish their fulfillment too. I wish you all the best dear.

in French:

Your birthday May the world smile at you, throw yourself to the present stars, and the birds sing a pretty song. Of course, I also wish you health, of happiness and joy!

in Polish:

Let the world smile at you on your birthday, these stars will throw gifts, and the birds will sing a lovely song. Of course, I also wish you good health, happiness and joy!

Happy Birthday!
a lot of chance, health, money, and that smile on your face always stuck!

I desire you in the life of self rejoices, always at you he glared in woodcock order and it was for you to cause success. Each new day assumes the will to challenge you to discoverring of this beautiful world. Please the rays of pleasure from the sun cause and they gave reasons for happiness. And when woodcock he will put, suppose on your sky shows if. moon he will glare at your side and he has shown you better way tomorrow. I wish you self success in life.

Text in Polish:
I wish you nothing but joy in your life, that the sun will always shine above you and make you happy. Let each new day be a challenge for you to discover the beauty of this world. That the sun's rays give pleasure and give reasons for happiness. And when the sun goes down, let the moon appear in your sky, that will shine towards you and show you the way to a better tomorrow. I wish you every success in life.

A beautiful blue sky,a golden sun,whatever you want and more. Because someone whose friendship is so precious deserves the most wonderful things. Happy Birthday!

Translation:Blue skies,golden sun,everything,what you wish and more, because someone whose friendship is so valuable (important) deserves everything,Best of all, have a good birthday!