Funny New Year's Eve greetings

Funny New Year's Eve greetings.

Funny New Year's Eve wishes - the champagne party should also include New Year's Eve wishes, they can be, for example. funny wishes, and this is what we offer to you.

Day after day
great fun
let's dance until morning
until the knees swell ...
Until next year

Dancing until morning,
Hundreds of champagne corks,
Lots of laughter, zero pages -
No, because work awaits soon!

Lots of bubbles in the champagne,
Someone to make breakfast,
and at every step
happiness in New Year!

It is fun, an orchestra is playing, So spend New Year's Eve with us.

The year is already ending, the year begins, so let's open a new bottle of wine and drink together for our health, until we feel a little dizzy.