Funny holiday greetings for Christmas

Funny holiday greetings for Christmas.

Funny Christmas greetings for Christmas - so that good mood does not pass us by also on holidays, let's use the funny Christmas wishes.

The asterisk shines high,
the moon winks at you.
Power of gifts under the Christmas tree,
let's have a merry night.

Christmas mood,
love conquest.
Baby in the crib,
money in a bag,
Finland on the table,
Porsche in the barn!
Happy Holidays from ...

There were reindeer,
who were chased sincerely,
until they finally stopped,
to wish you man,
Merry Christmas!

Rudolph the reindeer is already warming his hooves.
In a hurry, Santa Claus grabs the presents.
And wishes , so that all sorrows go away.

Let the Bethlehem stables a star,
brighten up the rooms of your socket,
and with happiness it will brighten all the darkness,
and the ways of life, it will remove all sorrow and evil.

A warm and successful Christmas
and all good fortune
and joy in professional and private life
in the new year XXXX.
Wish ...

Nicholas is coming, she has an unhappy face,
That it must come to you through the chimney.
So when I met him, as if he was shocked by electricity,
He gave a gift and wished you
Merry Christmas!

A lot of joy,
mega happiness,
a giga of gifts
and above all
warm and calm
wishes holidays ...