Even the strongest feelings should not prevent you from staying sober of mind – if the wedding ceremony is to take place in the presence of a larger group of people and is not a family celebration, you have to prepare it a few months in advance, setting a date, the course of the ceremony itself and the wedding party, as well as the guest list.


They are usually sent before the wedding, to notify friends and acquaintances of a joyful event. Sometimes, however, notices are sent out after the wedding.

A classic notice is a cardboard box folded in half. On the inside pages of the cards, each family announces the marriage of their child (in France it starts with paternal grandparents, then maternal grandparents are replaced, then the parents of the fiancee or fiancé. The carton folds like this, that the front page shows the name of the family notifying their relatives or friends).

Besides this pattern, there are others, more luxurious, composed of two double cards. Then the families write "separate" notices. By sending them, insert the card with the family name of the future spouse into the card with the name of the family informing their friends and relatives.

Notices are normally printed in italics, less often with a different type of writing, actually always – in black.

Pani Karolowa Mangin,
Mr. and Mrs. Jakub Mangin
are honored to announce the wedding
Mr. Patrick Mangin,
their grandson and son,
with Miss Laura des Pins.

We will be honoured, if you wish to come
on Saturday 9 June at 16.00 to church
Notre-Dame-du-Roc, where the relationship will stay

17, station Road, Dinard 35800 22,
boulevard de Beausejour, Paris 75016


And they are asking to come on Saturday 9 June 1992 year at 16 to the Church of Notre-Dame-du-Roc in Dinard, for the holy mass, during which Father X will marry their children.


And they ask you to attend the ceremony..

If the family is titled:

General Piotr Martel,
Knight of the Legion of Honor,


Mrs. Piotrowa Martel,
Count and Countess Henry des Pins
are honored to announce the wedding of their grandson and son,
Lawrence des Pins, absolwenta Polytechnic School,
with Miss Laura Mangin.

Please join us in prayer
and participation in the mass, during which the relationship
this one will be blessed, on Saturday 9 June o 16.00
in the church of Notre-Dame-du-Roc in Dinard.

17, station Road, Dinard 35800
22, boulevard de Beausejour, Paris 75016

Some young people want to make their announcements more personal and original. If the family adheres to the traditional formula, two types of prints can be prepared – traditional ones are then sent to family members.

Parents divorced. Mostly parents, even if they are divorced, appear together in the notice:

Mr. and Mrs. Piotr Martel and Mr. and Mrs. Janów des Pins inform about the wedding of their daughter and stepdaughter Laura…

When to send notifications: This is usually done six weeks before the wedding, but not earlier than two months and not later than three weeks before the agreed date.

Wedding in the company of loved ones. If either of the brides is in mourning, or both, simply want a "silent" wedding, notices are sent within two weeks of the marriage.

In this case, we write, for example:

Anna from Nowak and Piotr Kowalski are honored to announce, that day…….they got married.

Only the witnesses and parents took part in the ceremony.

(Let's add, that in Poland, where the practice of sending notices is not so common – usually invitations are sent – this kind of message can be delivered during a meeting or even by telephone.)


If there is a party after the wedding ceremony, Insert a smaller card into the notice (15 x 10,5 cm). Both families invite guests together, however, the surname of the bride's mother is listed first before that of the groom's mother:

Elwira Michalska and Anna Malinowaska

cordially invite you to the wedding party,
which will take place after the wedding ceremony
in the restaurant (name and address and time).

(Please confirm your participation)

(Addresses of both families)

(Let's add, that in France both ladies give their husband's name preceded by the word "Madame", so:

Mrs Pierre Martel
Mrs Alain des Pins,

which results in a significant difference, when one of them is divorced, for then he gives his own name, or:

Mrs Pierre Martel
Madame Claire des Pins).

A request for an answer (preferably up to two weeks before the due date) facilitates the organization of the party. If the wedding is taking place outside the city, a simplified map of the area should be printed on the back of the invitation. The hosts can also add a separate sheet with the train schedule and inform, whether they will provide guests with accommodation in their own home or propose to make a reservation at a local hotel.


(Let us mark at the beginning, that this is one more custom that is not used in Poland.) Two weeks before the wedding, an advertisement can be made in the press, because, however, notices are usually sent, it is not obligatory. This is what is done then, when the family does not send notices or when a silent wedding takes place.

The announcement can also be made after the ceremony.


It happens, that the wedding must be postponed because of mourning, for example, or revoke, when the bride and groom make such a decision. Then an advertisement should be placed in the press (wanting to be sure, that invitees will read them, we print them twice).

The best, however, that both families inform personally invited friends and relatives about this fact.