Nice Christmas greetings

Nice Christmas greetings.

Nice Christmas greetings - holidays are coming soon, so it's worth having nice Christmas greetings on hand now.

The most wonderful thing
during these most
family Christmas is a possibility
staying with people about whom
we think often and therefore wish you
great festive atmosphere,
warm, joy and above all

I wish, so that all loved ones can
meet on this Christmas Eve night,
I also wish you nice moments in
glow of candles and a smile.
I wish you a lot, all the way to the ceiling,
a forest of a fragrant Christmas tree,
which they will hide, all the way to the top
dream gifts.

Happy Christmas as well:
12 months of health,
53 weeks of love,
8784 hours of endurance,
527040 minutes of serenity,
1622400 seconds of happiness ..

On Christmas Day,
we all send you good wishes.
That newborn,
he has sent forth his thunderbolts upon you.

Wonderful holidays are coming
Everyone remembers sincere wishes
Taking advantage of this opportunity
We wish you a lot of love
Lots of emotions with a common Christmas carol
And hope, that the New Year will be even better

Joy is beautiful, but not everyone knows it
Holidays are beautiful and we all have them.
Some in the distance, others at the same table
No matter who, where,
but it is important that we always remember about ourselves.
Merry Christmas.

Lots of health - it's trivial
Lots of snow - that's normal
Lots of money - I don't know where from
I wish you a Merry Christmas
A lot of health and joy in the heart
Let yours come.
And gifts and snow
white for these Christmas charms.
Tasty emotions
by the Christmas tree and Awesome New Year's Eve ;**

It's snowing, The Christmas are coming,
Everyone should remember about wishes.
I remember and that's why,
I wish you all the best.