Nice birthday greetings

Nice birthday greetings.

Need a nice birthday greetings? Nothing is easier with our website, everyone will find something for themselves, we have selected a few unique birthday greetings here they are.

I can't come with a bouquet of roses,
To make you wishes.
So I challenge fate and ask for it,
To make your wishes come true.

I will not give flowers, despite sincere intentions. But the words, which will be remembered, I wish you luck, a lot of joy and a long happy future. Let the fate not bring tears from your eyes, let all be well. Everything beautiful and dreamlike. On your birthday, let it be fulfilled.

At the same time every year
everyone wishes you what they can
I am taking advantage of this opportunity
I wish you happiness a lot of joy
just what you dream about would come true
and what you love would be yours.

Well, welcome to the club - life begins in your twenties !

On your birthday, warm wishes, lots of smiles and good luck, let no worries bother you and let all dreams come true.

On your birthday, look back, and then - look to the future. Do you recognize the distance traveled? Do you know, where are you going? Do you "see" the reading of the internal compass, which guides your life?

When your birthday is coming,
It is okay to give my wishes back!
Want to accept it as a token of appreciation
A tribute to respect and affection.
To prove to you, I'm honest,
Keep in mind the first letters.