Nice rhymes for a birthday

Nice rhymes for a birthday.

Are you looking for nice little rhymes for your birthday? We have prepared them especially for you, out of hundreds of wishes, we chose the ones that you will surely like.

Don't look back,
Go ahead and go through life,
Secretly fall in love,
Control your desires,
Earn money,
Underestimate the scrunchies,
Avoid the crooks,
Follow the rules,
Rely on yourself,
But most of all
Show them all!

Little worry and aggression,
no stress or depression,
a lot of laughter and joy,
lots of happiness and love.
To all the fun days
They flew by at a snail's pace,

I give you my wishes today,
let your life change for the better,
Many friends, lots of love.
human friendship and kindness.

On your birthday I wish you; the subtle impatience of spring,
smooth summer rise, the silent maturity of autumn
and the wisdom of a worthy winter. Many moments of joy,
make every day an unforgettable adventure for you
and cause for satisfaction. I wish you would never run out of HEAT
and LOVE the most important people, in your life.
Always be happy and understanding and never let a good mood leave you:)

The lily is blooming, the rose is falling,
the red tulip folds its petals.
And me, taking advantage of this opportunity
I wish you a lot of happiness and joy.

I can't come with a bouquet of roses
to wish you good wishes
But in the words of These thoughts
let your dreams come true
Lots of success and joy
Lots of smiles and dreams come true
the power of sweets on Birthday, wishes you ...

When you remember those young moments,
which have gone into the dark distance,
and which gave you so much happiness,
you feel a silent regret in your heart,
Then you will miss this past,
in which the whole world shone for you,
because remember, that the time of youth
it's life's most beautiful time