Nice wishes for a birthday

Nice wishes for a birthday.

Nice wishes for the birthday - it is worth making the birthday greetings to the birthday person nice, and such we have in the offer for you.

Twenty-two years ago you showed up ...
Twenty-two years you tread
your path of life illuminated
rays of the sun ...
Always go towards the light,
and you will be happy ...

On such a beautiful and glorious day
I wish you with all my heart
health, happiness, prosperity
and a lot of love!

For you, all the wonders of this world ...
The warmth of the sunny summer for you
Stars for you, what glisten in the sky
For you, the notes are singing in the birds
Colorful flowers for you
And dessert dreams ...
For you, everything your soul desires
Because you are an Angel, which still forces us to be happy!

I cannot come to you with a bouquet of roses:(
To make you wishes!
But I am calling for fate and I am asking it.
Let it come true today, Your innermost dreams.
Same time as every year, everyone wishes you what they can.
So I am taking advantage of this opportunity.
I wish you nice happiness and joy.
Make what you dream come true!
And what you love… It was YOURS!

Health - I wish you today,
such an opportunity does not happen every day,
to express in words, what the heart repeats in silence every day.
Good luck - I wish you too
such, as you yourself want,
because it's good to be with you,
and you-what it is-you will guess.
Love - I sincerely wish you because it is the pillar of life.
love singing birds and people,
and in every heart you will awaken love.
One hundred years in love and health,
let happiness accompany you
Your life baggage - wisdom-
Let him be an example for others.
Fulfilling the most secret dreams
let them be real and clear. Dreams come true often
let your own come true too!
Joy - I wish you a lot too
for a smile to decorate your face,
and if you get sad sometimes
it's only for a short while.
Perseverance - I wish you too,
in the realization of desires and goals.
Be patient and be courageous,
to accomplish many things!

All, what was your dream..
what is and will be in the future,
let it not pass with a soft sigh
but it will come true in its entirety.
All, what is beautiful and desired
let it be fulfilled in your life!

My beloved daughter
I think about you from the morning,
on your birthday, I send you my best wishes,
that all your dreams will come true,
know, that with all my heart,
I wish for your happiness