A row of birthday greetings

A row of birthday greetings.

Happy birthday poem - we present wishes in the form of poems, next to the gift, they are an indispensable element of the birthday.

Day… your feast day,
So accept my wishes.
What you dream about would come true,
What you want to be yours.
A do tego 100 years and roses,
He sends you ...

What would I wish you, when so many wishes
on every sheet of paper, here everywhere.
Everyone loves you and wishes you kindly
what my word will mean here?
So I am sending you one small wish:
BE HAPPY THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE and please modestly:
never forget me!

Let this joyful day.
Forever your cares,
He will move you into the shadows.
And let the world laugh at you,
The splendor of happiness and long years.

Happy birthday day,
The fragrance of spring is full of flowers.
Today I want to wish you my best wishes,
Happiness, health, Good luck.
Let the sun shine brightly on you,
And the day will fly by in joy.
Let the sorrows of anxiety go away,
That there would be a day of joy.
These wishes, at least from a distance,
It is flowing like a great river.
And although modestly arranged,
They are meant for you.

When the rose a beautiful flower blooms
Your birthday greets you
Wietrzyk brings you wishes
Greetings sweetheart
And, most importantly after all
Live one hundred years for us in this world!

On such a solemn day
On your feast day
She makes you good wishes
The one who remembers about you
That your life would be strewn with flowers
So beautiful and clean
Like a summer morning
That you were strangers to troubles and miseries
Let it never be
A cloud on your forehead

How many hours is time beating,
How many leaves are falling in the forest.
So much happiness and sweetness,
On birthday.
Your wishes ...