Happy birthday poems

Happy birthday poems.

Happy birthday poems - someone close to you has a birthday? Send him a birthday wish in the form of rhymes. Choose the right one for you.

Lots of health and love,
the power of laughter and sweetness,
little sorrow and little tears
full of happiness if you want.

Lovely days, beautiful, young
On the way of life we ​​will encounter,
But one of the most beautiful
It's going to be Mom's birthday.
So congratulate you heartily,
That all day through this day
Only notes of health, happiness,
In your heart, Mom, were playing!

How many hours is time beating,
How many leaves are falling in the forest.
So much happiness and sweetness,
On birthday.
Your wishes ...

On your special day
Let no shadow catch you
Pain and loneliness
So I wish you a lot of love
Warm and sweet
Many of these wishes
And I'm contributing
And I wish with all my heart
Your happiness ...

These wishes come from the heart:
on your date of birth
health, happiness, good luck
one hundred years old, the power of joy!
May health always serve you,
keep a smile on your face,
let what you dream come true.

When the rose a beautiful flower blooms
Your birthday greets you
Wietrzyk brings you wishes
Greetings sweetheart
And, most importantly after all
Live one hundred years for us in this world!

Let your life go smoothly
Let it last a long time..
All the best
on the occasion of ...