Civil law, and also church ones (Catholic and Protestant) allows the cremation of the body. The family gathers in a chapel or a funeral home. The ashes are passed on to relatives in a closed urn, which is usually placed in the catacombs, writing the name of the deceased and the date of his death on the blackboard.


Funeral ceremonies should be conducted in silence and seriousness. One must not disturb their atmosphere with whispers or ostentatious behavior. Restrained, worthy responses help a grieving family to control their emotions.

After returning from the cemetery, the relatives stay with the widower or widow. It is customary in the countryside to invite people to a meal, who came to the funeral (let's add, that in some houses, regardless of, are they located in the city, or in the countryside, nadal – out of necessity, if the family came from far away, and traditionally, if that's not the case – so-called "funeral"). In the city, the closest ones want to be among themselves, no witnesses.