Short birthday poems

Short birthday poems.

Short birthday poems - these are such wishes that fall into 160 characters, i.e. in 1 text message. See our suggestions.

On your birthday I wish you, My heart of love and love.
Until our death.

Bouquet of the greatest wishes: smile and happiness, joy every day and all good fortune.

100 years !!! 100 years !!!
100 years !!! 100 years !!!
Long live, lives for us !!!

Make it a day, which you will remember, and let the coming year bring you new hopes and adventures.

Let no one and nothing stop you from doing things, you dreamed of.

Many moments of joy, make each day an adventure and a source of pride for you. He wishes you with all his heart

On the occasion of your birthday a lot, a lot of happiness and joy for you and all your guests ...