Short poems for a birthday

Short poems for a birthday.

Short poems for a birthday - you prefer poems instead of nursery rhymes? So we chose them for you, take a look at them please.

Day… your feast day,
So accept my wishes.
What you dream about would come true,
What you want to be yours.
A do tego 100 years and roses,
He sends you ...

Let this joyful day.
Forever your cares,
He will move you into the shadows.
And let the world laugh at you,
The splendor of happiness and long years.

Everything, what's the best, what is good and nice, which brings a smile to your face, what is hidden in the tiny word - happiness - and traditional 100 years wish ...

Let your life go smoothly
Let it last a long time..
All the best
on the occasion of ...

When the rose a beautiful flower blooms
Your birthday greets you
Wietrzyk brings you wishes
Greetings sweetheart
And, most importantly after all
Live one hundred years for us in this world!

These wishes come from the heart:
on your date of birth
health, happiness, good luck
one hundred years old, the power of joy!
May health always serve you,
keep a smile on your face,
let what you dream come true.

How many hours is time beating,
How many leaves are falling in the forest.
So much happiness and sweetness,
On birthday.
Your wishes ...