The coolest birthday wishes

The coolest birthday wishes.

You should send the coolest birthday greetings to cool people, therefore we have prepared such.

On your birthday, I wish you
everything that is the most beautiful and the best,
happy and bright days, full of happiness and love.
That each day to come, it was the most wonderful day in my life
and that you are always surrounded by loving people.

On this special day of yours, let no shadow of pain and loneliness catch You. So I wish you a lot of love, warm , sweetness to many, and I wish with all Your happiness!

Let everything that is beautiful and dream come true in your life. Let life flow sweetly, and everything, let bad things pass quickly.

On the occasion of your holiday,
I wish you more days,
months and years full of love and joy,
constant smile on his face,
as well as this,
so that you can enjoy life
at every moment of it,
that you can do everything,
what have you planned, what you dreamed of,
and that you do not lose perseverance
in pursuit of the goal and cheerfulness every day.

On the occasion of your birthday, I wish you a smile,
even when sadness meets you,
rainbow, which will remind you,
that after the darkest clouds
the sun comes out,
certainty in doubt,
patience in accepting reality
and strength in gaining life wisdom.

On the occasion of my birthday, I wish you
so that you never stop dreaming,
because dreams allow you to survive
all those hardest moments.
So that you can give joy.
Let your tears be just tears of joy,
not pain and sorrow.
To make the sky brighter above you
and that you are surrounded by kind people.
Let your life go the way you want it to.

Life is short, like a May dream And rushing forward, like an arrow. For us, it is only one moment, so try, let this moment last as long as possible!