Unique Christmas and New Year wishes

Unique Christmas and New Year wishes.

Unique Christmas and New Year wishes - the holidays are already starting 24 of December, and they finish 1 January in the New Year, it is therefore worth taking advantage of our suggestions for Christmas and New Year's wishes.

Lots of health - it's trivial
Lots of snow - that's normal
Lots of money - I don't know where from
I wish you a Merry Christmas
A lot of health and joy in the heart
Let yours come.
And gifts and snow
white for these Christmas charms.
Tasty emotions
by the Christmas tree and Awesome New Year's Eve ;**

Through the snowstorm, turmoil
I send my best wishes and encouragement,
be this Christmas though so cold
they were warm and family.
The power of gifts and love
in the New Year of Prosperity.

So that the festive table does not run out of light and warm family atmosphere, and the New Year brought with it happiness and prosperity.

For Christmas
and for the upcoming New Year
a lot of joy and kindness from people,
family happiness and peace
blessings of God's Childhood
wish ....

On the occasion of Christmas many deep and joyful experiences, inner peace, I wish you perseverance, joy and God's blessing on each day of the coming Year ...

As the old custom says
According to the fathers of our faith,
I would like to wish you my best wishes
On Christmas Day.
Let that Christmas star,
Which shines today at dusk,
It will lead you happily
Until the meeting in the New Year ...

A Christmas tree glow shines all around,
sky full of snow,
sky full of stars.
Let the joy of Christmas fill your home,
and the New Year will brighten your days!!!

Wonderful holidays are coming
Everyone remembers sincere wishes
Taking advantage of this opportunity
We wish you a lot of love
Lots of emotions with a common Christmas carol
And hope, that the New Year will be even better.