Unusual Christmas greetings

Unusual Christmas greetings.

Unusual Christmas greetings - no more typical holiday greetings, we have unusual wishes for this year's holidays, so enjoy.

I wish you a peaceful Christmas today,
be not had a hangover tomorrow,
so that you do not knock over the Christmas tree,
so that you do not turn the girls at the midnight mass.

Let the gifts of joy and peace,
which brings the world new
the born child is filled
all the holidays and all the days of the new year.

I hope, that yours
the heart is full of encouragement,
just like your sock
it is full of gifts.

God's silent beauty
The Nativity warms the house
and brightens the heart. Let it
the holidays will be filled with this
beauty, and the New Year
will bring a lot

I wish you a beautiful Christmas,
joyful and carefree,
many gifts under
Christmas tree, a lot of health and
that after New Year's Eve no
you had a headache.

Beloved, let the New Year bring you
The splendors of God's glory to you, a
the glow of the star of Bethlehem
let it shine brightly amongst
earthly wandering!

At Christmas time
let love be in us,
let peace reign around, a
good reigns over evil!
Happy Holidays ...

An old Polish tradition,
when the star rises on Christmas Eve,
The New Year changes the number,
everyone is sending everyone their best wishes.