Waiting for the baby

Waiting for the baby

Although humanity gives birth to billions of children, the birth of each of them is always an important event, unusual, carefully prepared and strongly experienced. Once they were celebrated solemnly, to celebrate the arrival of an heir in the family, today we prefer to remain in the intimate circle of the family and express our feelings spontaneously.


Nine months of preparation… It's not too much, when you think about it, what revolution the newborn will make in the life of the family, how long does it take to apply for a place in the nursery!

Expectancy. The expectant mother does not reveal a secret from strangers earlier than the third month of pregnancy. It may be discreet even for a while, when the pregnancy becomes visible, thanks to this, they will gain peace and avoid tiring and embarrassing excess of care and interest. However, future grandparents can inform about their condition much earlier. Persons, that have not been personally notified of this fact, should avoid indiscreet, intrusive questions, and most of all inappropriate conversations about complications during pregnancy and childbirth, problems, which may occur, threats.

The layette for the baby is prepared a few weeks before the birth, but the expectant mother should remember, that although buying clothes, toys and equipment gives her great pleasure, will surely receive numerous gifts, when the baby is born, and a newborn baby is not worth buying too many clothes, because in the first two months they are almost not destroyed, so they often "pass" from child to child. It used to be otherwise, and the layette of a child of rich burghers was counted at the end of the 18th century 50 bonnets, 30 kaftaników, 24 collars, 16 bibs, diapers, beciki, night caps, caps, gloves, fancy outerwear.

The expectant mother must collect everything, what is needed for baby care – crib, truck, bottle warmer, baby weight, changing table, bedding…

As is customary, gifts are not given before the baby is born.

Childbirth. Women don't give birth at home these days, as it happened in the past. Maternity clinics present the expectant mother with a list of things, which she should take with her, however, this does not mean, so that she could not add a few little things on her own initiative. If the regulations of the clinic allow it, you can have your own bedding for yourself and your baby, she should also think about some nice nightgowns, to feel better, when guests visit.

Freshly baked fathers do not look like their embarrassed ones, frightened fathers and grandfathers, who were strolling in the corridor, listening, there is no cry that announces the birth of a child. They often participate in this important event, sometimes they even accompany their wife throughout the delivery. Therefore, they should surround the young mother with tenderness and care (remembering, that most maternity clinics are not allowed to bring flowers).

Birthday gift". Tradition wants, that the young father would give his wife a gift, e.g – if he can afford it – some gem.