Wishes for New Year's Eve and New Years

Wishes for New Year's Eve and New Years.

Wishes for New Year's Eve and New Years - in anticipation of the New Year, let's first have fun on New Year's Eve, let's not forget to send New Year's Eve wishes.

Give people faith ...
Go now New Year ...
This is what the Old Year says ...
And it disappears ... with a tear in the eye ...

Champagne fun, crazy moments, Happy New Year's Eve and Happy New Year ...

The coming New Year is not only a time of joy, but also reflection on it, what has passed and over that, what awaits us. So I wish a lot of optimism and faith in a cheerful tomorrow ...

Fireworks are burning, the music is already flowing, the New Year is coming, the old man is on the run, so let's raise the cups, let's dance until morning, let fate spare us caviar and champagne.

All the best. I wish you all the best and fulfillment of your deepest dreams in the coming New Year ...

New Year is coming, he wanders along various paths,
but we will go get him before midnight.
We want him to come back to us, because it will be bad for him.
And everyone to him:

On New Year's Eve until morning
have a bottle of champagne,
without it, the year will not be successful,
although I wish you valuables,
happiness and love.

Upcoming New Year
it brings everyone a hope of reassurance, kindness and a dream come true.
In these beautiful and unique moments of the year,
I want to express my best wishes, healthy and joyful days,
a wealthy Santa Claus and a happy New Year