When death breaks into the house, the family, affected by a painful loss, has to face many organizational problems. funeral Home, which you should contact after completing the initial formalities, informs relatives, what they must do. Contemporary funeral rites are considerably simplified and no longer overwhelm the grieving family with a rigid ritual.


The deceased rests in a large room (bedroom or other room), the curtains are drawn, that it would be dimmed there. You have to turn off the radiators and illuminate the room with a candle or a discreet lamp.

As soon as possible after death, before the body stiffens, a nurse or relative washes the deceased, he closes his eyes and ties his jaw with a scarf and dresses him according to the family tradition – in civilian clothes or uniform, if he was a military man. The woman can be dressed in a nightgown or a bathrobe that covers her shoulders, and cover the body with a sheet that reaches to the chin. This sheet acts as a shroud. The arms of the deceased are crossed over his breasts. Catholics put a rosary in the hand of the deceased.

A candle is lit in the room. Two chairs or armchairs are placed at the head of the bed. In a Catholic home, one should remember about the cross and the stoup, so that those who come to say goodbye to the deceased could bless him.

The relatives or the nuns watch over the deceased all day and night.