Christmas greetings from children

Christmas greetings from children.

Christmas greetings from children - the youngest Internet users also like to send Christmas greetings, So we have prepared a few suggestions for them as well.

They are going, the sleigh is going up
something is winking at them, let this one
Bethlehem star
shines on you all the time
bringing you in life
happiness and contentment

Dear grandparents
on the occasion of Christmas
Christmas and New Years
good health wishes, many
good days and everything
fortune sends ...

With the sound of bells
melodyjnych, together with
Christmas wafer
christmas day
I am sending you my dear grandparents
best wishes!

Through the snowstorm, turmoil
I send my best wishes and encouragement,
be this Christmas though so cold
they were warm and family.
The power of gifts and love
in the New Year of Prosperity.

So that the carp would be perfect
and the dumplings tasted.
Lots of happiness and joy,
on this very auspicious day.
Gifts and good humor,
all the best!

Christmas candles lit,
The gift shines under the Christmas tree,
It's for you, my dear you,
May you dream of me often!

It's snowing, The Christmas are coming,
Everyone should remember about wishes.
I remember and that's why,
I wish you all the best.

In Bethlehem, the Savior is born.
Let them be nice to you, Preferably a flood!
May happiness serve you At every hour
And let nothing good in your life pass you by!