Christmas poems greetings

Christmas poems greetings.

Christmas greetings poems - we have prepared some Christmas wishes in the form of poems.

For health scyńści
God Narodzyni for that
If you were well and happy
as in heaven the angels
If you had a lot of guests
as on a stick of fish
If you had full boxes full of boxes
coby wom hostess by the stove did not lose weight
What happened to Wom kopło
I was going to the barn
So Wom God give it

I wish you Christmas in silver white,
filled with joy and love,
bringing peace and hope,
spent in the warmth of the family
and smelling of cake.
To that day instead of snow
the stars have fallen,
on the way home
An angel sat on his shoulder
and released good and hope,
beauty and sincerity of the soul,
friendship and prosperity.

May it be Holy
they will bring you peace and relief,
and all prosperity
and family warmth
let them not leave you
throughout the New Year.
Merry Christmas
and happy New Year!

Lots of gifts under the green Christmas tree,
delicacies on the Christmas Eve table,
great family atmosphere,
filled with the melody of old Polish Christmas carols,
and also a gunshot, bubble wrap New Years Eve
and wish your dreams come true in the New Year ...

Best wishes:
Have a wonderful Christmas,
Family warmth and great joy,
A lot of presents under the live Christmas tree,
And there are many sentiments in your beautiful souls.
Christmas giving joy and rest,
and hope for the New Year,
to be even better than this,
what is just passing.
I wish you and your whole family ...

On Christmas day, please
best wishes,
live happily and for many years,
do not let sorrows cloud your forehead,
let all worries perish,
moments of happiness are flowing.

The most wonderful thing
during these most
family Christmas is a possibility
staying with people about whom
we think often and therefore wish you
great festive atmosphere,
warm, joy and above all

There is such a twilight
among December, gray days,
when the asterisk shines in the night.
On Christmas Eve, time makes us stand at the table,
to break the wafer, to stay together.
And when is the first star
it will light us from behind the clouds,
a miracle happens in all of us
he knows how to tear down his own wall.