In an extremely unpleasant moment in life, what is breaking an engagement, only gentleness and courtesy can soothe wounds. Whatever the reason for the breakup – misunderstanding or the emergence of a new love – person, which withdraws from obligations, she should do it tactfully, not to mention your feelings for someone else and to avoid painful encounters for a while.

The neighborhood learns about the whole situation from a short phone call or letter: “Piotr and I have given each other our freedom, we recognized, that our engagement was a mistake, but we are breaking up in friendship. " Detailed explanations are superfluous, one can only say, that the bride and groom "did not fit together". Relatives and friends should not add fuel to the fire, by asking inappropriate questions, drilling down on the problem and repeating "I told you so."…”, for it only irritates, it certainly does not help.

Ring. The young woman should return the engagement ring to her ex-fiancé. The man can ask her, that she would keep it as a sign of respect and friendship. A family gem must be given back. The former fiancé must, however, remember, that it would be tactless to give it to another woman, if he wants to do so, should change the setting of the stone. Gifts from friends must also be returned.

It does not fall out, that the ex-fiancées publicly comment on the whole incident, presenting a version of events that defies the partner. It is best to exercise restraint.

Breaking an engagement has no legal consequences, such obligations are not legally binding.

Subsequent engagements are not announced until a few months have elapsed.

The engagement of a widower and a divorcee. If one of the people wishing to get married has a divorce, the other was widowed, no engagement is announced and no acceptance is made for it. The notification and acceptance are then directly related to the wedding.