Christmas greetings from children

Christmas greetings from children.

Christmas greetings from children - the youngest Internet users also like to send Christmas greetings, So we have prepared a few suggestions for them as well.

They are going, the sleigh is going up
something is winking at them, let this one
Bethlehem …

Christmas poems greetings

Christmas poems greetings.

Christmas greetings poems - we have prepared some Christmas wishes in the form of poems.

For health scyńści
God Narodzyni for that
If you were well and happy
as in heaven the angels
If you had a lot of guests
as on a stick of fish
What would you have …

Unusual Christmas greetings

Unusual Christmas greetings.

Unusual Christmas greetings - no more typical holiday greetings, we have unusual wishes for this year's holidays, so enjoy.

I wish you a peaceful Christmas today,
be not had a hangover tomorrow,
so that you do not knock over the Christmas tree,
would you be at midnight mass …

Christmas wishes

Christmas wishes.

Christmas wishes - we celebrate Santa Claus 6 of December, tradition proclaims, that on this day children are given gifts, You cannot forget about Santa's wishes as well.

Many beautiful surprises,
countless equally beautiful moments,
snow, ice skates, nart i sanek,
none …

Christmas greetings

Christmas greetings.

Christmas greetings - you are looking forward to Christmas? We have something for you, a portion of Christmas and Christmas wishes.

Lots of health - it's trivial
Lots of snow - that's normal
Lots of money - I don't know where from…

Christmas greetings

Christmas greetings.

Christmas greetings - there are only days left until Christmas, it is therefore worth stocking up on Christmas greetings.

Even though a moment of joy is so rare
and suffering so well known to us -
I am going to you, mili, lovely,
with …

Best Christmas wishes

Best Christmas wishes.

Best Christmas wishes - we celebrate Christmas Eve in Poland 24 of December, on this occasion, we express our best Christmas wishes, such as e.g.. those collected here.

Eve. Beautiful families, when our loved ones surround us in a circle, when
brittle …