Lunch for the closest or a wider group of guests, family gathering or a cocktail party for hundreds of people – the form of presenting the brides to the "world" depends on them and their families.

Engagement party

By spending lunch or dinner on the occasion of an engagement, housewife (usually the mother of the bride) he pays particular attention to the "distribution" of places at the table. The mother and father of the fiancée sit in front of each other, the places next to them are intended for the young man's grandparents and parents, the rest of the guests take their places due to their age and dignity. The bride and groom sit at the head of the table, next to each other, for the old custom forbids to separate engaged and spouses in the first year of their life together. The menu should be carefully selected, sumptuous. Along with the dessert, champagne appears on the table.

"A basket of flowers". On this day, the fiancé offers (sends or brings) his bride a bouquet of white flowers, a contemporary version of "la corbeille de mariage", that is, a basket with flowers and small gifts (jewellery, silk scarves, lace, fans), a custom today forgotten.

Guests and the hostess should be dressed carefully and elegantly. *

* As we read in Social habits… (on. cit.), it is "a collection of gifts in a beautiful decorative box, [this custom] is not used by us. "

Invitations. On the occasion of the engagement, there are generally no larger parties. Every family wants to meet their closest relatives and friends. Guests are invited by phone or letter.

Cocktail-party on the occasion of the engagement. The party is organized according to the rules for each cocktail. White or bright flowers decorate the room, guests can upload (or bring) on the occasion of bouquets. Because the purpose of the meeting is to introduce the brides, they stay with their parents when welcoming guests, and they respond to congratulations and congratulations with polite formulas: “Laura has told me a lot about you. I'm glad, that I met you. " Each of the brides should familiarize their partner with their family tree in advance and briefly describe their closest friends, which makes it easy to remember many new faces.

If the family gives up this kind of party, for example, because of mourning, imminent wedding date or other reasons, the bride and groom visit their family members, they are invited by them to deliberations or dinners.


The fiancé offers his bride a ring. The fiancée sometimes wants to give a commemorative gift to her future husband, but she should not give him a signet ring, not a chain. He may, however, give him a pen or even a beautiful lighter or cufflinks.

Friends and relatives may send gifts during the engagement period, however, most often they do it on the occasion of a wedding. Thank you for each gift as soon as possible.


The fiancée's parents used to equip her with things before the wedding, to serve her in her new home almost all her life. The virgin brought underwear and personal clothes into the house, embroidered tablecloths, drapes, bedding. Each item of underwear was decorated with a monogram of the future married woman combined with her husband's initials. Today this custom no longer exists, moreover, the bride and groom often already have their own apartments.

Parents, who can afford it, they give children money, to help them set up their home. Today, however, young women mostly work and are equally independent, like men, therefore the question has lost its former meaning, character and meaning and should be approached with great tact.