Regardless of, whether we are guided by friendship, love, politeness or gratitude, the gift should be appropriate to the circumstances, and handing it over, we have to be tactful.

Mostly we feel like giving it away, what we would like to receive ourselves, however, it is better to take into account the tastes and preferences of the person, which we are going to please, and even get an idea, chatting with mutual friends, what may need.

Not knowing someone very well, we avoid personal gifts and choose a gift that is appropriate anytime, anywhere – book, chocolates, flowers etc..

Before buying a wedding gift, we ask the brides, have they made a list, possibly – what they would like to get. We are, of course, under no obligation to follow their wishes.

Sometimes you have to refrain from giving too valuable a gift, which could offend the recipient, seem ostentatious or obliging. Person, who is not able to "repay" with a similar gift, it may be confusing. Nobody likes to be indebted to others, and besides, it is worth remembering, that it is sometimes easier to give than to take.

Certain holidays, certain occasions oblige us to make gifts. Almost everyone adheres to these customs, at least in environments that respect tradition. But gifts given for no reason are the greatest surprise, for they prove, that we have a special affection for a person, which we gifted.

Let's give up giving useless gifts, which we would not like to receive ourselves. Let us not "pass" the received gift to others, even if it wasn't unpacked by us. And if we have no other choice, let's check at least, whether there is a visiting card left in the package. Remember to remove the gift price, let's make sure, have we not forgotten the cash register receipt. If we give someone else used things, for example, clothing, let's take care, that they are in good condition and clean.

Collective gift, bought with money laid down by several people, is a good solution, if we have modest resources.


The recipient must thank for the gift as soon as possible – personally, by phone or letter.

Sometimes a gift is sent by mail or a messenger. Then we usually find a letter or a visiting ticket inside. A gift given in person should be unpacked immediately, in the presence of the donor, who can make sure of it, that he managed to please the recipient. However, if the gift is given in the presence of third parties, who came empty-handed, it will be more discreet when unpacking it in private.

If the gift is inappropriate or damaged, it should not be shown. After all, you can always replace the defective goods yourself.