Cigarettes – TOBACCO

Cigarettes – TOBACCO

The first and fundamental principle of the Smoker Code is that, so as not to reach for a cigarette, until he is sure, that smoking is allowed in the room, he should also ask for permission from those present.

The culture forbids us to smoke in certain places – in the sick room, temples, in the cemetery.

The smoker tries not to blow smoke on the neighbor's nose, leaves no burning cigarette in the ashtray, does not smoke at the table (if the landlady set up the ashtrays, it can do so, but only after serving the dessert and with the consent of the diners), he does not use cigars and a pipe in company, if the tobacco smell is strong. He's waiting in the living room, that the hosts encourage the guest to smoke.

You can smoke in an elegant way. Women do it a bit differently, slightly different – men. The men keep their cigarettes in the cigarette case, case or in the box itself and usually carry them in their pocket. The women keep a pack of cigarettes in a bag. Before the smoker reaches for a cigarette, he treats others, in half taking one piece from the packet. Then he passes the fire on to others, so as not to burn the nose of the "served" person. The woman does not light a man's cigarette, and when he reaches for the lighter, to light your own cigarette, the man is ahead of her. The old habit wants to, not to light three cigarettes with one match. You don't burn someone's cigarette with it, which we are smoking right now (unless this is your only option). The match must be blown out, and not swing it around. Do not hold a cigarette in your mouth when you fire. We are not talking with a cigarette in our mouth, we do not enter the lounge or restaurant smoking. The cigarette is put out only in the ashtray, not on saucers or plates. We don't burn it all the way to the mouthpiece.

Smoking a cigar requires certain habits – remove the paper wedding ring, cut off the end with a special tool or a small knife, using absolutely no fingernails or teeth. The cigar ignites slowly, rather a match than a lighter (the smell of gasoline would spoil its taste). The extinguished cigar is not set on fire again. A cigar is never burned out "to the end". The woman does not reach for thick cigars, though he can smoke cigarillos.

Smoking a pipe, should be taken care of, so that the smell of tobacco does not irritate the environment. Do not throw the tobacco in the pipe into the ashtray, for this ash smells extremely unpleasant.

We often empty the ashtrays in our own home, remember to air the apartment and wash clothes, because the smell of tobacco permeates the fabrics quickly. Persons, that do not tolerate the smell of tobacco, can move away from the smoker, explaining himself by an allergy. If the smoker is polite, put out his cigarette.