It's hard to make rules there, where feelings are the most important. To, what gift do we want to give to a young couple, it depends on the level of familiarity and financial resources. A gift can be very personal, proving a special kind of bond (from parents, godparents, closest relatives), it could also be a check (or cash), if the donor is a close person and wants to help young spouses start an independent life in the most practical way. In France and many other countries, there is a practical and recommendable custom of selecting gifts from the "wedding list", which the bride and groom make. Such a list is usually placed in the selected store, and the guests – if they want it – they ask fiancees or their parents, where they can get acquainted with it. We address the gift to that of the brides, we know.

Make a list. Regardless of, Will the choice of brides fall on a large department store?, or for a small shop of a specific industry, preparing a list takes time and thought (at least a few hours), it must be in line with the needs and preferences of the young couple, but also include items with varying prices ("On a budget") and nature (useful, decorative), so that the giver can best reflect the feelings and intentions that cause him. The bride and groom should choose things with moderate prices, because the giver, which states, that he can only stand on the fields of a crystal vase, I am sure he will feel terrible. However, it is worth pointing to very diverse things – from the necessary items, like saucepans or food processors, after bibeloty. (Some stores allow young spouses to exchange a certain proportion of their gifts for goods, which they find more useful.)

Acknowledgments. A significant part of the stores that carry wedding letters, is equipped with computers, thanks to which orders can be placed through the "Minitel" network operating in France, and pay with a credit card (we will probably have to wait for this form). In any case, the matter of purchase has been greatly simplified – just call, provide the brides' names and wedding date, then send a check for the price of the selected item. A visiting card with wishes can be attached to the check. The store periodically informs the brides about the purchased gifts and sends them visit tickets, so that they can thank you for the gifts.

The bride and groom should send their thanks as soon as possible, confirming, what gift they received. "Dear Aunt…, I hope, that you will find time, to come over for dinner – by the way, you'll be able to see a beautiful website, you gave us. We are both delighted with him. We thank you with all our hearts and we kiss you. " If time does not allow the young people to give thanks quickly enough, they do it after marriage, However, it does not fall out in any way, to limit themselves to a few words, when they meet the donors after the ceremony or at the wedding reception. The list remains in the store for two weeks after the wedding.

Giving a gift on the wedding day. The gift can also be brought on the wedding day. There is nothing wrong with that, although the packages make the situation of young spouses and their parents a bit more difficult, because often the party takes place in a rented room, which you should leave at the appointed time. Visiting tickets can be easily mixed up or lost in a hurry. It is best to deliver the gift to the parents' or the bride and groom's house a few days in advance.

The practice of displaying gifts is a thing of the past.